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01/09/13 08:10 AM #1    

Laura Tucker (Ambler)

Welcome to the West Haven High School Class Of 1977 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/11/13 01:27 AM #2    

David R. Forsyth

ok lets go everybody send in your response  to the reunion this committe work hard putting this event together  and i believe they did  a great job  its going to be a great time .     SO LETS GET GOING WESTIES BE PROUD WE WERE THE BIGGIST OF ALL CLASSES !      p.s. i still dont see your name   here yet VERD  i got my eye this  buddy !!!!!!!    THANK-YOU DAVE FORSYTH .

03/15/13 01:14 PM #3    

Lisa Whitney (Yarbor)

On behalf of the hard working committee... THANKS DAVID!

Lisa Whitney Yarbor

03/22/13 02:24 PM #4    

Dianne DeGoursey (Rivera)

Ok we are down to the wire...if you haven't signed up and paid, do so NOW!





Dianne DeGoursey

05/09/13 06:09 PM #5    

Rick (Richard) Carlo

No question about it...I had a FANTASTIC time at the 35 Year Reunion!  It was great to see all my old friends, buddies and classmates.  And, I have to say that many of the ladies looked every bit as good now as they did back in 1977 (I hope my wife doesn't kill me for saying that. LOL!).  In fact, the event was so good it was actually like being back in high school (if only for one night).

Kudos to the Reunion Committee for organizing the event (LOUD APPLAUSE, hugs and high-5's all around).  The venue, food and DJ were excellent!  Oh, and the open bar was a nice feature, too.  I had such a good time that I made a donation to help maintain the WHHS '77 website and hope others will as well.  I thinks it's safe to say, A GREAT TIME was had by all.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing everyone again at the summer picnic on August 4th.

Take care and good health to everyone, Rick

07/30/13 09:06 PM #6    

Barry McArdle (McArdle)

Wish I could have made the picnic everyone!! I'm sure it will be a gr8t one. PEACE to you all!!Have FUN

06/26/15 11:09 PM #7    


Ian O'Connor

It was said that I passed away. I am very much alive. Someone thought I was, and posted on Facebook. I was told there was a memoriam on me. I'm still alive and well. Please take down the memoriam on me, please? Thank you, very much.

04/30/17 08:53 AM #8    

Thomas Deal

Hello fellow friends and classmates the reunion commitee is hard at work planning the 40th reunion please stay posted here or facebook for more details hope to see all of you soon  Tom

08/08/17 09:57 PM #9    

Margaret P. Vitali (Mayne)

Thank you to those who worked on reunion! Great job!

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